How we got started...

There is a problem in the non-profit world...

A few problems, actually. First, nobody’s time is valued appropriately. Staff work overtime for free to keep the perceived overhead costs of their organization low. Second, most funding must be dedicated to a given project or a particular aspect of their operation. This is called restricted funding and it makes up most of the average not-for-profit budget. Third, staff at not-for-profits spend a great deal of their time writing and applying for grant funding, without being certain if they’ll land the target funding. This is both an inefficient use of time and a precarious way to budget.

...And we're using science to help solve it

At Smoke & Mirrors Coffee, we are going to help repair all of this. Our roastery started with a intense craving for both caffeine and knowledge. By working as a team of three scientists, we can leverage our collective experience spanning from sensory science to chemistry. Through rigorous product development, flavour analysis, and drinking (a lot) of coffee, we offer an exceptional brew. 

Starting with four local organizations that we know well, we are donating half of our profits as unrestricted funding. The only string attached is complete accountability and trust that the money will be spent responsibly. We know this is the right thing to do because we have seen these organizations in action. The work they do is worthwhile and necessary; we are all better off having them enhance our community.

 We are the do gooder.

- Hannah, Euan & Karen

We turned ONE...

We started Smoke & Mirrors in April 2017. 

We're just getting started. 



We started roasting with a converted ShowTime Pro. Why does that ring a bell you ask? We'll let you in on a secret. It's because it's the same thing you pull out of your storage room to make a rotisserie chicken for the backyard party that your second cousin's girlfriend talked you into hosting. 

Ingenuity knows no bounds, and we were starting to pull off some incredible roasts in this machine. Fast forward a few months. We're graphing each roast by temperature measurements, filling spreadsheets with roasting data, bean weights, the weather outside, and we achieved steadfast consistency in our process. If we scientists know one thing, it's the value of sweet sweet repeatable data. 

environmental responsibility

From the beginning, we knew that we couldn't talk-the-talk if we didn't walk-the-walk. Staying true to our message, Smoke & Mirrors sources omnigradable, eco-friendly packaging from the Canadian company, TekPak Solutions

While our packaging design is constantly being tweaked and enhanced, we maintain our commitment to the environment and want you to know you're helping too.

supporting the community

In our first year of operation, Smoke & Mirrors Coffee Co. has proudly donated $4,000 to support our four non-profit community partners/ world shapers! This doesn't account for the matching $400 donations by The Very Good Butchers and Phillips Brewing & Malting Co., or the many other in-kind donations to support community events. Learn more about our community partners here