Community Partners

Smoke & Mirrors Coffee Co. donates half of our profits as unrestricted funding to these four not-for-profit organizations. We believe that communities function best when everybody is working together. 


Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT)

Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) is a local, not-for-profit land trust that conserves nature on south Vancouver Island and the southern Gulf Islands. We do this through effective community outreach, backyard stewardship, collaborative habitat restoration and land protection.



Restorative Justice Victoria

Restorative Justice Victoria (RJV) offers processes that empower victims and hold offenders accountable. Our facilitators are trained in a variety of restorative practices and tailor each process to meet the clients’ needs. We are a not-for-profit, community based organization that provides services at no cost to clients who are referred to us by our community partners.

UVic Women in Science (WiS)

UVic Women in Science is a student run organization at the University of Victoria which aims to connect and support women pursuing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Through networking events, seminars and opportunities to recognize accomplished women in these fields, this initiative is composed of a diverse member base spanning various ages, genders and levels of education. Together we strive to create a supportive and engaging environment that fosters the collaboration and success of women pursuing science fields. 

Meeting with the Canadian Minister of Science. Photo credit: UVic.

Meeting with the Canadian Minister of Science. Photo credit: UVic.

The Latitude Project

Working directly with communities, each project is authentic to differing customs, cultures, and ever-changing needs. 100% of public donations fund projects on the ground without trickling through administration fees: from education facilities to medical initiatives, roofs to clean water, The Latitude Project facilitates opportunities for people to meet their basic needs so they can live their own adventures.