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Niagara Market

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Phillips Brewery Tasting Room

2010 Government St, Victoria BC

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We want to make sure you're putting good coffee into your body. To ensure this, Smoke & Mirrors offers bulk ordering for offices, restaurants, coffee shops, you name it. Available whole bean or ground.

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Coffee brings people together.

We are a social enterprise coffee roastery.

Our beans are sourced from certified organic farms and imported by West Coast Coffee Traders in Vancouver, BC. Our goal is to develop closer ties with every stage of the process so that we can do our part to ensure equity in the supply chain. 

We donate half our net profits to four local non-profit organizations that contribute to the community through social justice, environmental restoration, equity, and education. Learn more here

As a team of three scientists, we believe in quality, communication, and transparency. This means we measure our roast profiles, take on research projects to advance the potential of the beans, and we put our coffee through rigorous quality taste testing. We drink more coffee than we like to admit. 


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This spring, our team is introducing "Science Saturday" where we break down the chemistry behind your cup. Join us online for the best way to hear about upcoming markets, events, or collabs!

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